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How to Hurricane-Proof Your House

Natural disasters are scary, especially when you’re living in Florida, where around 12 hurricanes can happen in a year. When you want to ensure your safety inside your property, you have to look into hurricane-proofing.

A hurricane can strike anytime and knowing that your property will be safe can bring immense peace of mind. While you will need to find reputable restoration companies in Florida to help you out after a hurricane, taking preventative measures never hurts anyone. If you’re wondering how you can protect your home and make it safer, keep reading:

Consider Investing in High-Impact Windows

Windows are the most vulnerable part of any home, and when you want to ensure that your windows don’t shatter during a hurricane, you have to look into high-impact windows. These windows have heavier frames that can resist considerable impact. 

If you have a newer property, chances are that your home already has high-impact windows, but it never hurts to check. While there are building codes in place that mandate installing these windows, your home may have been built before that. If you have many windows in your home, it is definitely something that you will need to check for better protection. You can also consider adding storm shutters to protect them further. 

Fortify Your Roof

If you’ve seen the aftermath of big hurricanes like Hurricane Katrina, chances are that you’ve seen the amount of damage they cause. Entire homes are destroyed, with roofs flying off due to high wind velocity. If your home has a weak or vulnerable roof, you need to fortify it. 

While the best roofing material is metal, it may clash with your home design. You can look into getting architectural shingles that can resist high-velocity winds and are heavier than traditional variants. If your roof does get damaged during a hurricane, you might have to look for water damage restoration Florida to help you fix your home afterwards. 

Inspect Entry Points

Your home can have more than one entry point. It might be the garage door that connects directly to your kitchen or the door to the backyard. When you want to ensure that your home is safe during a hurricane, you have to make sure you have heavy-duty entryways. 

You can find hurricane-resistant gates and doors that can be installed in your home. Ensure that you are reading about the product specifications to see if it can be resistant to winds above at least 100 mph. If you’re getting an expert to do it for you, ask them questions, so you know that the doors you’re investing in are worth it. You can also consider getting a hurricane damage restoration firm to inspect your home and find vulnerable points. 

Look Into Hurricane Essentials 

When you’ve fortified your home as best possible in preparing for a hurricane, you still have to prepare for when the moment comes. Having a set of essentials that can protect you is essential. Appliances like a sump pump are crucial to prevent flooding and considerable water damage in your home. 

The power can also go out during a hurricane, so you have to be prepared by arranging for a generator beforehand. In this way, you can at least have lighting during the hurricane. 

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